18/10/2012 Thursday Pub League (Hull)

A small but select group took part in the Thursday evening event around the Hull's Marina and Old Town areas. The map and area were very well received with HALO's Urban supremo commenting that it is one of (if not the) the best Urban areas he has run on. Praise indeed. The Minerva Hotel on Victoria Pier provided an excellent base - and not just because of the quality of the real ale!The competitors were faced with lots of route choice - which way over the River Hull, which of the three tunnels or three pelican crossings to use to cross the dual carriageway??
Brian "I'm only taking it easy" Ward, ghosted round all the controls in just over 41 minutes - well it would have been all if he had seen number 52 on the map. Take a head-torch next time! It was good to see some newcomers taking part, they did very well for a first time and we hope to see them again soon.
The results show the order that each competitor went round the course. Which way would you have gone? (Remember the odds had to be visited seperately from the evens and there was a 45 minute time limit).
Many thanks to Phil, the Minerva landlord for his hospitality.
Full results
Neil Harvatt