12/01/2013 Saturday Orienteering Central Park Scunthorpe

As I set off from Grimsby at 8.15am in the cold showery rain I was thinking who to 'phone to help me cancel the event. As I approached the Immingham services the rain stopped and just as I was leaving the A180 to join the M180 the sun raised it's head, hence the saying 'Sunny Scunny'.

I allow 1 hour per 10 controls when setting out the course, slightly more when adding gripples. On this occasion I totally miscalculated, nor did I take into account that I might place the wrong SI box and then have to retrace my steps. I also dropped my compass at '94' having to retrace 100m or so. So thank you to Pete Harris and Mike Smith for placing a 'Bundle' of controls so that we could be ready to start at 1pm.

We had 3 family groups attending 2 of which were the Nicholsons, who incidentally were course winners - Elise plus 2, 1st on the White; and Bentley plus 2, 1st on the Yellow and Orange courses. Well Done! They all attend the Scunthorpe Club Night - surprised?

Brian and Charlotte ran head to head which would give a slight advantage over you other experienced stalwarts. Their clear victory over 3rd position Andrew Ridgeway of NOC tells me that I should let the record stand. Charlotte, who was in 2nd place just 30 seconds behind Dad, has been selected for the England team in W21. Enjoy the experience, you have earned it.

2 SI boxes were interferred with, 1 of which is missing along with the yellow stake and 'kite'. It was '85', situated on the seat East of the civic building. The other one 'SI box 86' had been save by the gripple but separated from the stake but not the plate. The stake and 'kite' were left nearby. SI box '85' had the gripple through the 2 little holes and must have suffered considerable force to become dislodged - I retrieved the gripple!

Thanks to all the helpers who made the whole event very pleasant and worthwhile.

Brian Slater

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Brian Slater
Brian Slater
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