2/03/2013 Saturday Orienteering Scunthorpe (Primrose Wa

This was a very pleasing turn out - 'twas great to see so many enjoying the pretty woods. Did you see the snowdrops and the 2 deer? What a cheap pun!

Please would you 'Technical' runners put your routes on 'The Gadget' so that I can see where you went right!

Thank you to the willing helpers who dealt with the demands of registration, results and control collecting.

Pete Shew's live results system is much appreciated - did anyone get the results up on their 'phone?

We have to pay the scouts for the privilege of using the woods, hence the car park charge, which helps towards the costs. Alex kindly collected the O'sign which covered the 'Free Car Park' sign. Sneaky EH! Not Alex, ME.

Brian - Tuesday
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Brian Slater
Brian Slater