19/01/2013 Saturday Orienteering Grimsby

Those who attended today found fairly clear roads because most were scared stiff by the weather forecasters.

Grimsby got off very lightly regarding snowfall and temperature. No overnight snowfall and lovely warm cleethorpes sunny weather 'without the sun' and a with a 'brisk' easterly wind,not to be faced for too long.

The snow on the ground was approx 10cm and slowed down the less nimble of us. However, most were pleased to get some exercise on a pleasantly flat area.

Well done to the course winners Charlotte, Sally, Dylan and Brian Ward on the Technical. In his earlier days Brian was running 10 miles in 55 minutes. He appears to have kept up his fitness and has had podiums (2nd place) in National Urban races. He takes Urban racing very seriously, even planning his own practice sessions using Urban maps around the area.

Thanks to all the helpers who collected controls. It is a great help when we have so many willing volunteers. Thank you all - I hope you enjoyed your run in the snow. I took great pleasure in knowing that you had a good experience. Thanks to Neil who helped set out some of the 'kites'.

We got away at 3.55pm.

Brian Slater

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Brian Slater
Brian Slater