9/02/2013 Saturday Orienteering (Cleethorpes CP)

Brian Hostad, planner, surprised participants by providing challenging courses (see route gadget for the technical course). Some very complimentary comments were made on the courses. This was Brian's first planning experience - thanks on behalf of every competitor and well done.

White and Yellow courses were made interesting by having control sites slightly off the paths but well within the abilities of newcomers to locate them easily. Dillon Welford and 'Mum' who are fairly regular experienced newcomers produced an excellent time on the 'Orange' course. Some of the control sites on the 'Orange Course' were also on the 'Technical'. So it’s congrats to Dillon & Mum.

The course was quite wet and by all accounts, (mainly dog walker’s comments) the Park has never been so wet. This did create a problem for some on the technical course. One route choice was to cut across 'rough open' to control 21. The earth bridge which normally keeps feet dry whilst crossing the ditch was completely submerged. Needless to say that if you found it to negotiate the ditch you were only thigh deep (Alex), however, if you failed to find the correct spot you would be chest deep!-(Paul Van Dam)! Whoops! It was pretty cold water out there.

Congrats to Neil, 1st on the 'Technical', who was going on to the 'British Night Champs' at Tankersley, Sheffield. Why not look up his result on the web, SYO, South Yorks Orienteers ("I wouldn't bother" - Neil).

In all a great day out for all - sun shining hardly any wind. Apologies to Tracey, who normally completes the technical course with ease. She got to her number 16 only to find it had been collected in 'already'. Naughty organiser? We do, however, have to clear up and vacate the Park by 5pm., which is gate locking time in 'Spring'.

Thanks to all the helpers especially Tracy, who is our master registration person, and who, along with Mary Vickers, collected in the remaining 9 controls.

I left the Park with 15 minutes to spare.

A day well worth organising - it’s good to see that new participants are still rolling in - please spread the word about what fun can be had 'Orienteering'.

Brian Slater
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Brian Slater
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Brian Slater