21/03/2013 Thursday Pub League (Coach and Horses, Barton

A pleasing turn out for a brand new urban event map produced by Christine of 'ROBERTS MAPPING'. The area will be very usable for the Club with a local park and orienteering friendly school in Baysgarth.

I juggled with routes until I thought I had a good balance of short and long legs with challenges. Some were bog-standard, which way around the roads, and then others were more intricate path/road route choices. All needed good visual accuity for this event, especially late runners.

I measured a 7.6km optimum route so knew to expect a greater number of 200 pointers. Charlotte was first in and had clocked 8km on her GPS. Congrats to Zach who is still being hunted by guru Paul Murgatroyd. Charlottes 3rd position was a warning to you leaders that one slip could allow her to dominate.

Ken Hutson was determined to get his 18 controls irrespective of points score. Patricia who is coming back to fitness preferred to have more fun finding things out there than trying to gain maximum points.

Pete Shew's results 'eventually worked' after I had reset the SI imput. 'Tis a great system when I can get it to work.

A big THANKS to SI box collectors Paul/Pat; Alex; Neil; The Wards.

Some complimentary comments about the course were much appreciated and make all the hard graft that goes into these events very worth while.

The ambulance parked in the free car park was reasuring but did managed to confuse some of you. The paramedic was kindly keeping an eye on the SI box and also the physical state of some of our participants.

Thank you ALL.

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