20/06/2013 Round 2 Lincolnshire Urban League - Brigg

35 competitors braved the 'summer' weather in not so sunny Brigg with a good contingent of 12 from LOG, only 24 hours after travelling similar distances to the LCS. Liam's fitness is ever improving and looks a good bet already for the title especially with the prospect of running on familiar territory next week in Lincoln.LCS victory celebrations did not seem to effect Mike and Chris on the Medium and both could be vying for the title, similarly Dominic on the Short.Clare looks a good bet on the Medium Ladies but Amanda's consistency may pay dividends by the end of the Series.
Alex's planning and organisation was first class and the use of the Black Bull as a venue for Registration was an inspired choice. Also the newly mapped and use of 'his' school grounds were a welcome addition utilised well by Alex with his choice of control sites aplenty in strategic locations.
League standings will not be published until early next week as Series points calculator Brian H is away this weekend.
Thanks to Alex (and Sally) for taking on the planning and organisation task at the last minute for this Event.
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Alex Smith
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No Children in Back Bull after 8.30p.m. please