24/04/2013 Poacher 3 Spur Chase

This weeks report will not be social media inspired #Like. The control picking encountered last week was just practice for this week. Hope you all brought your abacus!We try to rotate the areas so the likes of Spur Chase are used every 2 or 3 years - gives the areas a chance to change and your memory to lapse.Also Neil planned his courses without the need to cross the Brocklesby Road and negate the requirement for marshals.This resulted in a concentration of controls in certain areas requiring plenty of focus and anyone who may have been wondering what the score at Blundel Park was, may have suffered accordingly.Also the spurs (not the Tottenham variety)provided a challenge in the old quarry where crampons and rope may have been useful than a compass.
To the courses :
Short - battle between last years top 2 now developing between Jacob & Marsaili, also hats off to Geoff S despite a back injury, he wanted to maintain his Poacher record of being an ever present since 1997 (what a record)and competed (ran?)accordingly.
Medium - Yasmin consistent as ever,first top 3 for Joe and best ever for Sally (now another contender for Womens Trophy).Note this is dependent on Yasmin winning the Medium as she would be eligible to win this class if she is not first on the Medium Course (like last year).
Long - same top 3 - yet another different order with Zac now opening up a gap - good performance by Jay on his return.
Still no Jokers played by planners #waitinggame.
Next week Nettleton Woods, parking at Water Mill Leisure Park near fishing ponds - please observe the 10mph speed limit #importantrequest
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Marrowbone and Cleaver, Kirmington