1/05/2013 Poacher 4 Nettleton Woods

I, Peter Harris,being the Returning Officer at the Nettleton Woods Constituency, do hereby give notice that the times recorded for each competitor at the said Event have been adjusted to exclude control 71. Apologies for delay in declaration - a manual recount was required.
There were a number of beneficiaries, the most obvious being Jake taking his first Long Course victory, 15 seconds ahead of the unfortunate Liam. Leaves the title contest wide open. Special mention to HALO newcomer Nettletonite Colin who after competing his course went over to the Wolds and ran the Croxby Crawl road race - a potential Poacher Veteran winner with a bit more practice?
The Medium Course proved to be more problematic for the Juniors this week, after a few weeks of running in more open woodlands and more path networks it must have been an eye opener to compete in this more physical terrain. Good experience for optimising route choice in the future.The top 5 were no real surprise with Lawrence and Chris continuing their consistent form. With Dave unable to compete in all the events - when he plays his joker could be crucial.
Similarly on the Short Course when Marsaili plays her joker could determine the outcome of the Short title, especially if all the Jolly sisters plan a devious Short course at Pillar at the end of the month. Good to see a new influx of juniors and families competing.
Please note Route Gadget still includes control 71 but courses can be still drawn accordingly.
Next week back to more familiar terrain at Primrose Warren, hoping the nettles do not shoot up rapidly and the midges are not particularly blood thirsty.
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