22/05/2013 Poacher 7 Otby

The change in terrain this week did not produce many shocks but I guess a few palpatations of the cardiac variety, but paramedic Ali's skills were only needed in an O capacity and was the leading Lady on the night.Hope the cattle did not cause too many traumas, these are only recent residents to this field and the courses were planned on the basis that they would be bovine free.
All the main contenders on all the courses all performed virtually up to expectations, with only Devon and Jacob being marginally disappointed with their nights' work.
Liam probably needs 3 victories out of the last 4 Events to conquer Zac on the Long.Dave played a wise Joker on the Medium by taking maximum points which will mean he will also gain 50 points next week when he is planning. So Yasmin will have to remain on her toes for at least another couple of weeks. With the Jolly sisters also helping in the planning process next week the Short Course will certainly be interesting.
Overall the times recorded by participants was on a par with other weeks in the forests,although it always feels harder work in the open areas as there are no places to hide. I hope you enjoyed the change in scenery.
Next week we return to Pillar where there are subtle climbs and plenty of runnable woodlands and I hope the lumberjacks haven't encroached on too much of the area.
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