19/06/2013 Poacher 11 Swallow Vale (inc Lincolnshire Cha

I hope you enjoyed this event as well as the Series as a whole - even those who had to travel 2 hours from deepest Lincolnshire and had to cope with the roadworks and diversions. The courses Pete produced were competitive and fair as well as at times daunting and testing to not only the new and experienced but also to the young and not so young and this proved an excellent combination for the HALO v LOG challenge.
The Poacher Long course was reduced in numbers due to the tactics LOG members employed in their attemts to retain the LCS by maximising their mins/km by running a lesser total distance.This gave the Field family a 1-2-3 on the course and Zac was still able to end the Series with a faster rate - congratulations from all at HALO and best wishes in your academic studies next year and you are more than welcome to bring with you fellow 'men of steel' to the Poacher next year.One interesting battle was between Sam and Chris who going into last nights event were level on points and despite Sam beating Chris by 3 points on the night they still remained level at the end!, but Sam finished one place higher as his 9th best score was the greater.Also, a Series best result from Harriet despite losing her spectacles.
The Medium Course was pretty much as expected with the trophies going to those leading into the last round - congratulations to David,Yasmin,Joe and Mark.Also a mention to Kate who's min's per km were such that she not only contributed as a HALO scorer in the LCS she was also faster than her other half.
On the Short the Joker proved to be the difference with a maximum score doubled up giving Marsaili a narrow victory over Emily. Apologies to Jacob for incorrectly stating at the Presentations that Holly was third (well she was third female).
Thanks go to all the planners,control collectors and road marshalls during the Series and a special thank you to the other members of the'management' team Brian, Pete and Neil who work tirelessly behind the scenes (at all hours). Hope to see you all next April if not before - starting tonight in Brigg.
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