19/10/2013 Humber Bridge Country Park

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It was pleasing to see a good number of non-members turning up to this popular venue. I trust you enjoyed the experience and hope you may come along to some of the other Saturday events this Autumn. There was a disappointing number of members present, but thanks to those (Pat, Sue, Brian, Mary, Ken, Matt, Thomas, Xial) who were able to give up their time to help and make it so much easier to organise the event.
The event was not without it's hitches. I felt a bite on my neck as I was positioning control number 48. I didn't think anything about it and swatted whatever it was away. I then received another two on each ankle and when I looked down, I discovered that I had been standing on a bee's nest and they were now swarming around my body. I beat a hasty retreat not realising that some were still attached to my clothing and determined to exact their revenge. They weren't very big, but boy, were their stings sharp. Fortunately only about eight got through my defences and the pain didn't last long.
I took the decision to move the control about 10 metres away (I came back later when most of the activity had died down). The first competitor through would have disturbed the nest for everyone else following.
I would like to say that no bees were harmed in the organisation of this event - but it wouldn't be true. Apologies to the bees for any disturbance caused.
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