21/11/2013 Humber Bridge Country Park Night Event

Honours tonight went to the Fields, Dean and Jake. Both collected all 20 controls with Dad Dean 26 seconds quicker. That, together with the handicap adjustment gave Dean a commanding lead. Brian W, on one of his rare night excursions, was 3rd, also collecting all controls - with 8 minutes to spare.
Special mention to three of the less young members - Chairman Brian finished in 4th place, Mary came back within the time limit (and finished 6th). Commiserations, though to Paul, who had a great run, only to inadvertently miss one of the controls. That control in less than 4 minutes, would have given Paul 2nd place.
Thanks to Pete and Mary for helping on the start and to Brian, Alex, Helen and Danny for collecting controls.
Next week - Brumby and Central Park.
Footnote, 4 gallant members stayed on at the Country Park Inn for a quiz. Sadly we didn't win the quiz, but we triumphed in the bingo and won a bottle of wine. Favourite quiz question of the night was - 'What type of animal was the Disney dog, Droopy?'
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