6/03/2014 Pub League - Kirton-in-Lindsey

Many thanks to Pete (& Julie) for their organisation and producing an exciting evenings entertainment. Also thanks to LOG members who made up 40% of the entries - good preperation for their forthcoming CST Heat on Sunday. Those of us who forgot the Pub League is a handicap competition will be pleased to see that Anne was able to fend off all the 'likely lads' and able to win by a comfortable margin (even able to accummulate sufficient controls in 36.5 minutes) so the victory could have been far greater!
Earlier tweets in the day suggested it would be close between Brian and Paul (as it proved) and although Liam was the quickest with all controls - his age was a penalty.
Age was a penalty to those of us who visited controls twice and believing they had visited all controls correctly. Homework will be better spent on Maths rather than studying Streetview!Cost me 4th place!!
Kirton with it's compactness, climb and welcoming hostelry proved to be a good venue for the start of the 2014 Pub League. Next week continues on the North Bank in Hull. Check website for details of start location.

As away next week appreciate it if a.n.other can write a report.

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