20/03/2014 Pub League - Brigg

Chris put on an excellent event with a set of controls around the town that got participants thinking. You can tell when a good course has been staged because you can hear the buzz around the room produced by route choice discussions. Jacob, local teenager look-a-like and county badminton player, showed his stamina in collecting all controls, which I think is a first for him. He was ably assisted by Dad but never-the-less it shows he has speed.

There were other notable performances by Neil, Brian Hostad and Jake. Dom (M16) had a good run collecting all the controls in just over the time limit. Well done all of you 'Juniors'.

'Speed' and the handicapping system were discussed profusely in the comfort of our exclusive pub room. After some dubious arithmetic it was concluded that Liam would have to beat Brian Ward by 14 minutes to lead in the handicap. Perhaps competitors need to know that Brian was a 55 minute 10-miler in his earlier days and therefore, for his age group he is exceptional. Maybe he doesn't do 10 mile runs these days but he is still 'quick', he even beat Ann Gibb on this occasion. Brian Ward (M50) gets a 1.27 advantage over Liam (M21).

Brigg, being a smaller area than most, the Brigg event did allow thirteen 'fortunates' to collect all controls. Congratulations!

Legendary SI operator Brian (PC) Slater managed to give BW a bit of a shock when the computer said, "you missed 3 controls". Brian was cool, knowing that he had visited all the controls. This fact was confirmed later. On his return, Neil, (assistant SI operator and X-mining engineer) Harvatt, on his return, put the results and display perfectly back in order. Thanks.

Thanks to the 'collectors', Isoldt, Pete, Alex, Jake, Chris and Neil, we were done and dusted by about 8:15-ish.

The 'splits' are posted on the String Results link. The file takes a while to load on my machine, you might need patience. The text can be 'zoomed'. Have fun.

The final Spring Pub League Score event, next week, is at Beverely. See you there.

Send your comments and news to Chris Simmonds, he may well publish it in the very popular HALO Newsletter.

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Full results
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