27/03/2014 Beverley North

Mary stormed to an emphatic victory on this chilly spring evening and this no doubt helped her maintain her cheery grin all evening.
North Beverley, whilst plagued by uninspiring cul-de-sacs that offer little potential for interesting orienteering does have some areas that are excellent for urban courses. These areas are served by snickets that link one area with another and provide competitors with the opportunity for route choice. Much discussions was had in the Hayride as to the best way round this particular course.
Mary was not the only competitor who excelled; Pete Shew is obviously peaking just in time for the Poacher and Thomas would have been the clear winner if it were not for the handicap system employed.
I expect it will not be long before Dom is seeing off his Old Pops! (NB. Old Pops went out without a torch!)

My apologies to all who attempted and were led astray by the mis-mapped ginnels at Control 111.
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Full results
Paul Simmons