16/10/2014 Pub League North, Hull

Thanks to Ken for planning the event, even knowing the map, it made my brain hurt trying to work out the best route in a failed attempt to get them all. Also thanks to Chris, Dom, Pete and David for collecting controls. Sorry that the results weren't available until later in the evening - it's not always easy to find which of Pete's many bits of software puts me in first place. But I eventually found one!!
Only Brian Ward managed to collect all 20, but outside the 45 minutes allowed.
Dean Field, with 18 controls was in first place before the handicap was applied. For those not convinced of the handicap factors, you will be pleased to know it will be discussed at the next committee meeting. Mary is proposing that her factor is too low!
The Minerva has an impressive range of real ales and food. it is an excellent venue - on Victoria Pier - and worth the hassle of traffic jams and road works to get there.
For the Handicap Results click on the String results link.
Neil Harvatt
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Full results
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