8/11/2014 Saturday, Grimsby, Havelock Academy

On the 'White Course' Chloe was victorious, but only seconds in front of Holly. Chloe was leader on the 'Yellow Course' taking 2 minutes off Dannika and Jay's times.

Grace and Dannika, Holly and Chloe were very successful on the Orange Course. The winner was Chris who is a very experienced X Forces Orienteer. The course was complex in that there were cris-crossed routes.

Neil narrowly won on the Technical Course (3.7km.), which zigzagged the area several times, just 'pipping' Chris S and Stuart into 2nd and 3rd place.
Stuart, incidentally, gave instruction to some of the Havelock competitors who had temporarily dislocated on the school field. Ever been lost on a school field? Its possible, just try it! Lets have more events here in complex school grounds!

Thanks to all who attended on a bit of a wet morning, and especially to helpers Neil, John, Stuart and Tracy. Also, thanks to Mr Timson (Havelock PE Teacher) who encouraged and supported the admirable Havelock students in their participatory efforts.

Brian Slater, HALO

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Brian Slater
Brian Slater