11/06/2014 Poacher 10 Hemswell Cliff

Who would have thought such a small housing complex and a few antique shops on a disused RAF base would produce an ideal area for a Poacher Sprint Event? The racing seemed to go down well with David's courses utilising the full area with good 'traps' set, plenty of route choice through the 'maze' of alleyways and controls strategically placed - sufficient enough for even the mapper not to register on two courses!
On the Short we can confirm a new champion with Elspeth taking over the title from her sister Marsaili, and winning in style.
On the Medium, the only confirmed outcome is that both Yasmin and Kate will both be trophy winners - which trophy still to be settled. If Kate repeats her success, Yasmin has to come second to take the overall title next week. However we will have our first female Medium winner since 1998.For the Junior trophy the winner for the past 3 years Joe can still be caught by Luke.If Luke wins next week Joe would need to be third again to retain his trophy.
On the Long Liam's mis timed holiday to Greece should now hand the trophy to Paul who now needs only a top 4 finish to win the trophy for the first time since 2009 - if the scores are level and if the 8 best scores are identical then the 9th best would count.So the Veterans trophy could well now go to Dean. The SuperVets has been in the possesssion of Dave Offler for the past 2 years and can now confirm the hat trick.The Ladies trophy looks like Helena has once again come from behind and pip Harriet on the post - Harriet would need to be in the top 4 and Helena not record a time to win.
Next week the 2014 Poacher series concludes with another action packed evening with not only Series titles to be decided but also the Handicap Cup to play for.
Pete successfully simulated the results at this event to determine potential victors next week - note Dorothy will be AWOL so the favourite has withdrawn on the Middle Course. Presentations will take place after the Event at Normanby so bring food, drink, chairs and mozzy spray and a pen for the Quiz!
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