18/06/2014 Poacher 11 Normanby South

You either love it (a few) or loathe it (a few more) this area always gives competitors a challenge - even with courses planned on the lower end of the technical scale.The key was certainly to start off with the shorter courses to get the brain into gear and progress to the more difficult longer courses.Those who did 4 or 5 courses certainly know the area intimately. Chris and Dave J managed the full 5 courses the latter due to an earlier mp.Those in the hunt for trophies didn't allow the pressure to affect them too much.
Elspeth continued her successful Series with victory on the night, victory in the Handicap Cup and victory in the League. Your turn soon Flora.
Kate as expected pushed Yasmin all the way for the Series title, but just lost out (but still Ladies winner); but it was Joe who was the star on the night clinching his first victory and winning the Handicap Cup and Junior title.
Paul was able to win the Long title without the need of countback with his 4th series victory with Liam still sunning himself in Greece.Dean was another dual winner by winning the Handicap Cup and taking the Veterans title. Another trophy cabinet will be required in the Field household.Dave and Helena retained their Super Veteran and Womens trophy's respectively.The Ultra Veteran trophy this Series reverted to the Long course with a shortage of candidates on the Medium (good to see Pat and Ann make this event)so Mike S was the victor.
Thanks go to Brian, Pete and Neil for their endless hours at the events (plus endless hours before and after),all the planners, also to all kite collectors and Isoldt for preparing the nibbles. Lastly to Chris for his weekly Newsletter editions after reaching his marathon distance at last week's event has he now nearly doubled it after last night!! Hope to see you all at the LUL events - starting tonight at Bottesford. You think it's all over - it is now (hopefully not for England).
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