3/07/2014 LUL 4 Broughton

LUL 2014 is turning out to be as competitive as Poacher 2014 with both the Medium and Long courses expecting to be only decided on the final event at Barton in 2 weeks. With Charlotte planning that event she may require a first or second in Spalding to take the Series title. Still in contention are Thomas the Broughton victor (whose Lincoln performance may prove costly)Paul (whose trip with GB Junior Squad to Macedonia may prove costly)Brian (whose consistency may not quite pay off) and Liam (whose holiday to Greece looks likely to be costly).
The Medium course winner Luke (on home territory) could now be crowned champion with defending champion Chris being his main rival (as consistent as ever).
Apologies to Long competitors who had to contend with maps without printed Start triangles and Finish circles (still a mystery) and thanks to Isoldt for manually adding at very last minute.The pink highlighting did confuse some who mistook it for OOB/Construction Site and Mary C who just got confused.
Next week it is the long trek to deepest Fenland where Mike Hampton's new map of Spalding should prove to be worth the trip South.
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