19/06/2014 LUL 2 Bottesford (League)

Congratulations to our 2 winners Dom and Charlotte. Tricky courses in some places with lots of route choice. Pete Shew clocked 8km on his GPS on the 'Long'.

I added a footpath to the map which ran through the settlement just South of Medium's no. 8. I hadn't noticed it until placing controls. It ruined one of my more teasing route choices. It made the route to the church so much more easy, something that locals will have enjoyed for years on a Sunday morning.

Our numbers were small but all seemed to have enjoyed the challenges set. Equipment appeared to be undisturbed on collection. Thanks to the kite collectors Alex, Wayne and Thomas, this was much appreciated on England's World Cup match day.

The proverbial match, which may well have kept orienteers at home, was being broadcast in the 'Dolphin' so Pete and I had a well deserved pint whilst being kept up to date with developments which was one loud cheer.

I collected the last six boxes on my route home. Good job I had a head torch to light my way to the 'flag-key' slot.

Wishing you good orienteering, Brian Slater

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Brian Slater
Brian Slater