10/03/2015 Broughton Pub League - series table &

A big thanks to David Jolly who planned the course for us at Broughton. I had no trouble finding the sites to hang the boxes and kites. If anyone can remove the tapes he put on the post and poles, we non-litterers would appreciate it. Paul from LOG (running and navigation guru) and LOG series Night Score Champion picked a perfect route around the town to collect all within the time. He presented his gps image for analysis to the planner by email today.

David had made several visits to the area as he contemplated the positioning of the control sites. Some were down dead ends so had to be omitted from the routes of the less fast. Other sites were positioned to give route choices. The total straight line distance was 5.6km, so add 1/2 again to give an approximation of the optimum distance taken to achieve 20 controls in the 45 minutes allowed. I hope you were happy with my hanging of the kites so that they were visible as you neared the centre of the circle on the map.

Thanks to the last night's collectors who were Chris, Dom, Luke, Alex and Neil; and this morning Pete Shew who rattled off the last 5. If you haven't collected for us this series please offer your services next week at Cottingham.

Thanks from organiser/controller, Brian Slater, and planner, David Jolly, (who had business commitments and could not be present) for your attendance and help..

Thanks also to Pete Shew, for applying the handicapping calculation to the raw results.
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