6/05/2015 Poacher 5 Mausoleum Woods

Hope you all enjoyed Brian's courses, even with the inevitable climb at the finish (quickest time on this last leg was 46 seconds). Mausoleum fortunately has remained untouched for a number of years and still provides plenty of new orienteering challenges with the astute planning we encountered last night.
On the Short Flora maintained her 100% record - must be all the parkruns she's been doing recently - her father will be proud and studying the results today in some RAF base in Estonia.
On the Medium Yasmin pipped Luke, but the latter now could be in strong contention for the Junior title with Joe. Chris played the first 'Joker' of the Series (a Planner privelage) but failed to make an impact.
On the Long Liam finally beat Paul on a Wednesday rather than on a Thursday and kept things 'open' at the top of the table.Neil after last weeks hiccup now looks to be the Masters favourite.
Other Series best performances this week from Oliver H (Short)Lawrence C, Megan, Isoldt, Oliver S, Geoff S (Medium) Lawrence & Kate B, Matt(hew), Alex (Long) to name a few.
The antiseptic cream was used for the first time last night to quell the nettle stings - not for the last time I guess - perhaps we will have to pack the extra pair of leggings for the next few weeks.
Talking of next week we return to Primrose a Poacher favourite where there could be a rush on the Jokers!
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