27/05/2015 Poacher 8 Hendale

Note : Wayne Byrne was NC - non competitive on the Medium. The League points when published will reflect this.
3 new 2015 Series victors this week - well done to Oliver, Megan and Zac. Half term is usually unpredictable and this week was no exception with plenty of points to be gained by the lower attendances.Some took advantage others did not.
The runnability of Hendale was as good as could be expected at this time of year and Paul utilised the best areas with longish courses. Other good runs this week from Elizabeth (Short)Elena, Mary V, Karen (Medium)Carl, Phil (Long).
Thanks to Alex who due to injury was not competing but assisted in kite hanging, collecting and road marshalling.
Next week the format changes at Weelsby Woods to the Sprint format with 5 courses planned(1k/1.5k/2k/2.5k/3k) with competitors having to run more than 1 course to complete a minimum of 2.5k (Short) 4k (Medium)5.5k (Long W and M >60)7k (Long <60). Course positions are then based on average running speeds in minutes per km completed.Tactics generally play there part whereby competitors can exceed their minimum distances by trying to reduce their overall minutes per km as the scoreboard forever changes. Calculators/log tables/slide rules/clear heads at the ready.
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