17/06/2015 Poacher 11 Swallow Wold Dale Woods

Pillar Woods imo is the 'spitual' home of the Poacher and it proved to be a suitable venue for the 2015 finale. The woods themselves at this time of the year are not at their best but I hope you enjoyed the 5 challenging courses utilising the wide rides and 'runnable' areas. Gratitude goes to the Yarborough Estate who without their permissions would see the Poacher Series greatly reduced in terms of number and quality of events.
On the Short a first Series success for Hannah, probably the first LOG winner on the Short course,who beat Champion Flora who was the faster on the 1k but notthe decisive 1.5k.
A number on the Medium chose the 3 shortest course strategy, although having to run the extra 500m it resulted for some, including the first two Lawrence and Megan, qicker mins/km. Yasmin was determined to beat her younger brother for the title by doing the extra 1k but was marginally beaten by newly crowned Champ Joe. In the end Yasmin had to make do with the Ladies title.Luke who has recently gained some consistency took the Junior trophy.This could be the first time that Juniors have taken all 3 Medium Course trophies - I stand to be corrected.
On the Long Zac, took his 5th out of 6 Series victory with an impressive mins/km time over rough terrain - completing the 7k in 36 minutes.Brother Jake had his best Series performance with a creditable second place. The 2 top LOG competitors Liam and Paul may have been saving themseves for the LCS as the latter had already retained the title. Dean was unable to close the gap on the absent Neil for the Masters, Dave and Helena had already regained their respective trophies a few weeks previously and Mike admirably gained his eigth score to regain the Ultra Vets.
Now to the thank you's. Firstly to all the planners, who this Series excelled once again. Secondly to Brian and Pete who behind the scene work wonders -from the production of live results to the smooth registration process - plus the many other data inputs - we are all indebted. Hope to see as many as possible at the forthcoming LCS and LUL events plus numerous other events (no doubt) during the Autumn and Winter - failing that next year (or at the HALO Awards).
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