4/12/2011 Yvette Baker Trophy Final (B) (League)

A big thank you to all who helped to make the day memorable. That includes all of you young people who made the massive pilgrimage to Mausoleum Woods. The slight burst of rain didn't seem to bother our young participants; all that we seemed to get was wet maps. Well done to all the teams, the scores were impressive and close.

We hope you enjoyed the woods with the Mausoleum towering majestically to the South of assembly. The view wasn't so popular when the hill had to be scaled towards the end of the LONGO in 2007. Being on your 'last legs' seemed all to appropriate as the Mausoleum grew nearer.

There was good humour, good behaviour and strong and serious competition. We found no litter in the field and the ground looked hardly touch. The Earl will be pleased and will hopefully allow access again.

We hope you enjoyed the extra addition of the Maze which turned out to be a good test of navigation. Can you get lost in the middle of a field? Results will be forthcoming.

Maps were not collected by some clubs. I will send them on if you would like them. Please email me your address.

We found a red hat size 4 decathlon creation. I can forward.

A big thank you to HALO who made this event 'Nearly the Junior JK'. If you did not get chance to run I apologise. The timing was an absolute necessity to make the event fair for the Yvette Baker Trophy competitors.

Full results
Brian Slater
Dean Field
Charlie Adams (SYO)