22/09/2015 Autumn Pub League 2: Hull University

Paul was unable to be present for setting up his planned control sites. Stuart, Charlotte and Brian obliged as they were all three 'resting' themselves. Control 41 which was placed beside the liquid Nitrogen tank was vetoed by the security officer, hence the odd numbered 23 controls.

A unique event was enjoyed where the 30s 40s & 50s had to be collected in groups to qualify for points. Those decades could well be when most of us were born, or is it? The score event was vey well planned giving lots of challenging legs and thoughtfully placed 'markers'. Thank you Paul.

Thanks to the collectors, David, Ken and Neil who were rewarded afterwards with severalswift 'halves' at The Old Grey Mare.

A pleasant evening was had.

Nearly forgot to say that we had a visit from a member of the WOC 2015 Sprint Team, Hollie, No. 3 in GBR. We are impressed by such a quick time for 5k approximately. Give Hollie a map and she's magic!

Next week - The Red Lion in Broughton - on the South Bank of the Humber.
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