10/10/2015 Willows & Freshney, Grimsby

Wayne put on 5 excellent courses. One competitor, Alex, took on the 'Long Course Challenge'. The 7.8km straight line measure turned out to be 13.65km clocked up on GPS.

Several locals, Courtney and Rhea, had a try on the white and yellow and found navigation quite difficult on their own turf.

The 'Technical' 4.8km turned out to be at least 8km according to John, based on his knowledge of marathons. His 81 minutes 'in the field of play' was scuppered by a 'fence NW inside corner', which was invincibly invisible from the wrong side!

I was a little peturbed to find Imogen only 6 minutes behind me on the 'Orange'.
Well done Imogen for reminding me to train more.

A 'tweet' this morning woke me up - no not literally. WELL DONE the winners; Charlotte, Imogen, Brian, Chris and Alex. This is World Class terrain, and might I say World Class courses - Thank you Wayne. Wayne is running in the RAFO Champs today in the Forest Of Dean - what a guy?

Thanks to Tracey, Chris, Alec and Wayne for collecting in the boxes, kites and gripples.
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