25/06/2017 Hull City of Culture w/e: Day2 Hull City Race (League)

Legs to and from control 62 voided affecting courses A, B, C and E
What a day! Thanks to all of you adventurous orienteers who think Hull is great. There were at least 3 people who returned just to see if anything had changed. Yes it has we now have culture. Apparently one competitor had a ride on the 'Big Swizzler'. We had checked the tides and they were out for the period of the race so we knew the River Hull bridges would be open to pedestrians. Little did we know that there were organised free bridge rides for tourists every three or four hours. Whoops. Culture getting in the way?

Charlotte produced some excellent courses for us all to enjoy. The loops added there separate challenges and the number of controls gave value for money. There were many compliments. Sorry about minor things like splits cut off. It wasn't the software but the printer layout length of 'receipt'. We live and learn.

The controller and planner placed 'control 62' on a replica feature. Most found it easily because of their direction of arrival, others were not so fortunate and spent time locating it or not at all. The kite was located correctly at 11.20. The officials decided the fairest solution was to void the 2 legs, hence the shortening of the courses and times accordingly.

Lots of us love Hull and so we hope you enjoyed your short visit. Ingrid and I are staying over for a few days to see some of the enjoyable attractions - well worth it. Thanks to all the HALO helpers who turned out, making the day most enjoyable and not too onerous.

Brian - organiser
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