23/02/2016 Brigg Pub League

Thanks to Pete Shew for an interesting evening of scouring the streets of Brigg. 108 was strategically placed to test those who could aspire to the 200 mark.

Welcome to Pamela, whose debut at the 'SCORE' event, brought her 120 points. Does being a 'local' give an advantage?

Neil asked me to mention that its much easier for him, now that he is in the M60 class, to be at the top of the list, when a handicap is applied to the results. Well done old man!

Congratulations to 'First Lady', Clare, showing remarkable consistency over this year's LOG and HALO Winter/Spring series. Working in Scunthorpe and living in Lincoln has its advantages! 2 evening runs per week.

David Jolly, at last, shows his craft, just pipping our affiliative lightening French Man, Remi, by a whisker. David runs every day without fail, a schedule that he has followed for the last year or so. It pays off eventually if you can match your navigation skills to your speed. A well done to David also, young man!

Thanks to the kite/clock/gripple collectors:- Luke, David, Paul, Ken & Pete Harris.

If you haven't collected yet please offer your services next week at Beverley North. The map for Beverley is an O'Brien pseudo O' one, unless the new map suddenly transpires this week from our Italian mapper Remo.
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Full results
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