20/04/2016 Poacher 2 Willingham Woods

The leg from 3(113) to 4(115) on the medium course has been voided to reflect the issue with the control position being changed from the mapped location to up a tree. The subsequent leg has been left
Thanks to Lawrence, on his planning debut, for producing the well received courses. I hope you enjoyed it as much as Lawrence did - really it is not that a daunting process to plan these events.
On the Short with Flora away performing her gymnastics skills it left the door open for Hannah to take the honours with the Cook family breathing down her neck.
On the Medium thanks to both Anne J (for reporting & forfeiting her run)and to Luke (for retrieving)the kite (114). This did affect some runs - so the published results are provisional. However Yasmin (running down), Megan (back physiotherapied) and Ben all were there or there abouts with Chris breathing down there necks. Revised results published separately - note League tables at the moment do not reflect these modifications.
On the Long nobody was breathing down Liam's neck as he produced another top performance continuing his good form this Spring (unbeaten in LOG & HALO Series). Other potential trophy winners could well be Kate (Ladies) Paul (Masters) Neil (Super Vets) and Pete S (Ultra Vets) - although in the latter Mike certainly will not give up the fight.
Next week we head to the Wolds, earlier in the year than usual and the area certainly looked as resplendent as ever - no nettles or livestock yesterday in sight. Only guarantee next week is the climb!!
Next few weeks we will be short of officials so any help will be appreciated especially on the kite collecting front. Thanks to Neil, Lawrence and the Jolly family this week.
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