18/05/2016 Poacher 6 Mausoleum Woods

Thanks to Dean for producing challenging technical courses for all. The nettles certainly penetrated the early starters. Consecutive victories on all 3 courses for Hannah, Lawrence and Liam. Although LOG look to be in the driving seat for 2 of the top honours, confident that the Medium trophy will be a HALO member - however still wide open. More than 1 performer of the day - take your pick from Delphine, Helena, Neil or even Sam returning from Canada after his Uni sabbatical. Thanks to Sam, Dave and Neil for kite collecting. Next week could be challenging again in terms of climb - so why not increase your fitness levels on Sunday at our Grimsby Urban event (plug,plug). 2 weeks time is the LCS event at RAF Cranwell (and Poacher 8). Names are required for security reasons before hand - so need to know by Whit Monday.
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