31/01/2017 HALO Night League 3, Cottingham KGV

Another wet and miserable night for the resumption of the HALO 2016/17 night league, although it didn't seem to disrupt the runners. Both David and Dean collected all 20 controls, separated by a mere 4 seconds. Check the split times file to see which order they went in.
Control 32 provided a problem for those who didn't read the control descriptions properly, it made Paul chuckle anyway (but not his wife!)
Thanks to Paul for planning the event - and turning up despite cracking two ribs on the wet boulders of Shining Cliff at the weekend.
Thanks to Brian S, Phil, me and David for collecting the controls back in. I was pleased that I had grippled the finish control, it was still safely attached to the tree, the following morning when I remembered to collect it!
Next week Oak Road Playing Fields which should provide a good night challenge. It consists of four large playing fields separated by hedges and woodland and bounded by woodland strips and the River Hull. Also a fishing lake surrounded by three areas of woodland and some rough open. Contact Neil () before midnight Sunday (Feb 5th)to enter.
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