7/02/2017 HALO Night League 4, Oak Road PF

The Oak Road area provided a good challenge for night time orienteering, with more features than most people were expecting. On the night Dean, David and Peter managed to get all 20 controls and only separated by 3 minutes. A very impressive performance by Peter who is relatively new to the game (and he had run 3 miles from home to get to the event!) James continued his improving form and would have scored more if he hadn't inadvertently missed one of the controls. He had plenty of time.
Thanks to Hull Culture and Leisure for allowing us to use the area and to Brian, David, Phil, Paul and Pat (and me) for collecting the controls at the end.
(Anyone using Strava can see David's course if they follow the HALO runners).
Congratulations to Dean who just edged David into second place in the overall league.
Final placings (see link for full table)
1. Dean F 879
2. David J 870
3. Jacky E 775
Full results
Full results
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Neil Harvatt
Neil Harvatt
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