21/02/2017 Spring Pub League 1 - Louth

Wayne produced a very challenging ODDS & EVENS course. There appeared to be no particular obvious sequences to follow and no easily identifiable change-over points. There were no 200 points scored but some came very close. Well done Pete Shew in 1st place, just back from down-under. The 'oldies' are hanging on to the top 3 places with Holly hot on their heels.
Thanks to the collectors: - Megan, Holly, Neil and David. Also to Neil and Colin on the SI. Paul and Pat were celebrating their wedding anniversary and me my 70th B'Day.
Found: - 1 small towel; 1 dry-fit zipped running top.
A great night of sport was had.
Wayne's optimum route is shown below (11.0km), do you agree? Comments on a post card to . . . . .
Next Tuesday we move to North Bransholme, also odds and evens. Meeting inside the Pennine Rambler Community Centre. No beer here, so post match nosh and ale, either at The Waggoners, Wawne or The Kingswood - tbc.
Brian Slater
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