7/06/2017 Poacher 9 Brookenby Park

Will be brief today as off to Bristol urban w/e via Cornwall - not the best route choice. Certainly fast and furious with Hannah, Holly and Liam being the benefactors. Few hiccups but generally the format and area worked. Hope Hannah & Oli ok this morning. Most trophies about sorted if full compliment of runs completed for some. The Long is still open between Liam and Joe. The former recording sub 5 min Kms (straight line) is a born sprinter (just like his father!) whereas the latter prefers the dense forests. With the former missing one event in the future may need to be the victor again on his last appearance to take the title. Poacher Planner Jokers this season have proved to be lucrative with most being astutely played with best performances being recorded.
Thanks to Harriet, Lawrence,Isoldt and David for collecting.
Next week, return to the similar terrain at Hemswell Cliff. Note parking is in the village near the Ball Park. See details later in week. Good luck to all those on Euro tour in Bristol or on home YHOA territory in Dewsbury this weekend.
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