26/07/2017 LUL 6 Willows and Freshney

For this event HALO turned out on mass. We were looking to increase our points for the overall club competition, we still don't know the club result and are waiting excitedly.

Oli provided challenging courses for us all. The amount of discussion following the event evidenced that the courses had quality. There were best and worst routes between controls! Also there were a couple of traps for those who either did not read their descriptions or lost concentration. Control '127', 4 on the Long and 14 on the Medium, was as such, one of the traps - 'North East (narrow passage) West Inside Corner' (what a title to decipher in full flight). Some runners fell right in as can be seen on splitalyser. The trap was easier to spot from the West for those on the 'Long course', approaching from the East was a little more complex for those on the Medium' course.

Whilst the weather was kind to some canny folk, most got a soaking, but not quite as severely as our planner, Oli., who had spent the afternoon securing the boxes. Incidentally all were retrieved at the end of proceedings - surprised? Grimsby is coming up in the World!

Well Done to the winners Hannah, Holly and Liam.

Thank you the collectors :- Colin, Oli., Neil, Pete & Isoldt, Mary C. and Jackie.

Please see our front page for the series winners and Club competition when available.

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