21/10/2017 Humber Bridge Country Park

Many thanks to Mike and Mary who were present for the whole day helping.
Many thanks to the HALO helpers who contributed to making this event a success: Ken; Dorothy; and Sue on Registration; Helena; Harriet; Mike and Chris collecting controls and especially Mary and Mike who were there from 11am helping to put the controls and stayed to the very end to help clear away.

It was good to see so many newcomers present, nearly all of whom went on to complete a second course after enjoying their first. Special mention to the Greenleys who completed three courses and were fastest on the White and Yellow and second fastest on the Orange. Well done to David and Harry who were fastest on the Orange course. The Orange course was very competitive with Sunny, Woody and both Palmer family groups all finishing within 4 minutes of the fastest time. Not surprisingly, The Technical course defeated those newcomers that had a go at it, however this was probably as much to do with time constraints than anything else. There was a good turnout of HALO members competing on the Technical course, fastest time of the day went to Mike Byron, possibly aided by knowing exactly where he had located some of the controls. Nevertheless, a very good time, beating newly crowned HALO league champion Helena into second place by just over 2 minutes. Chris Simmonds secured third a further 3 minutes behind.
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