12/09/2017 Autumn Pub League 1 - Molescroft

Many thanks to Paul Simmons for organising this event. As soon as the event was up and running, Paul had to travel to the NY Moors to save his awning from the impending storm. I hope you all got home
I hope you all got home safely.
There were some very close competitions on the night, none more so than in the Field household, a tie between Dean and Rosie. Who will get the upper hand at the end of the series?
Many thanks to the collectors, Brian, Megan and Ollie, Chris and Ken.I hope I didn't miss anyone.
Congratulations to Brian W, who should be the victor after the bonus handicap is applied. A special mention for Mary V, if she had been just 9 seconds quicker, she would have been the winner. An excellent run.
Unfortunately Control 49 was removed/stolen before the event started (who'd have thought that could happen in Beverley?), so maximum number of controls was 19.
See you all next week
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