17/10/2017 Autumn Pub League 6 - Kirton in Lindsey

Thanks to David Jolly for planning this event (from his base in Belize!), he certainly caught me out with his perimeter control locations, meaning I made one very poor decision. A fantastic run by Mary Vickers brought her her first victory in this series, well done Mary. Mary then helped collect the controls in together with Kate and Alex.
Brian Slater had a very good run also, finishing in third place just behind Brian Ward. His third place allowed him to overtake Peter Harris in the race for third place (that'll teach him to go sunning himself in France!)in the overall series. Brian Ward taking second place in the overall series.
Follow link for final tables.
Thanks to all those who took part in this series, making it the most successful yet, and especially the planner/organisers.
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Full results
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