5/12/2017 Night Park League 1 Central Park, Scunthorpe

Many orienteers missed this spectacular 1st Night Sprint planned by Andrew. The event was novel as participants checked other competitors times on various courses before choosing which one to do next to get best advantage (tactics?).

The series is handicapped according to age. Results are calculated using your minutes per km over each of your successful runs. This system was invented by Pete Harris (are you surprised?) and has proved to be very successful and even exciting so far. People choose courses which must add to at least 3km. As you can see from the results some chose just 2 and others chose 3 or ALL. Imogen our youngest entry navigated 3 courses shadowed by Grandad Dave.

We had a cut off point at 8pm for returns. James would have tackled the 1km course, completing all, had he the time.

Congrats to our 'Old Chair' Neil (1st) who just pipped the newly crowned National RAFO Champion DJ.

Some excellent exercise was had by all. Thanks Andrew.

Collectors Pete, Mike, Harriet & Paul - thank you.

Please draw your routes on 'Route Gadget' for us all to see?
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