HALO has achieved Clubmark accreditation, and the following policies, codes, procedures and task descriptions were agreed by the Committee at  meetings on the 7th January and 4 March 2010 -

Protecting Young and Vulnerable People - Agreed the adoption and promotion of the British Orienteering policy on 'Protecting Young and Vulnerable People' as set out on its website  to help ensure that children and vulnerable adults in the HALO area find orienteering a safe environment in which to have fun, learn and develop.

Equality and Inclusion - Agreed the adoption of the British Orienteering policy on 'Equality and Inclusion' as set out on its website.

Code of Conduct for Club Officials and Volunteers  - Agreed as set out in Appendix 1.2.

Code of Conduct for Parents/Carers  - Agreed as set out in Appendix 3.5.

Code of Conduct for Participants - Agreed as set out in Appendix 3.6.

Guidelines for Dealing with an Incident/Accident - Agreed as set out in Appendix 1.5(a)

Committee Posts - Agreed the task descriptions and confirmed the appointments as set out in the appendices for the following Committee posts -

Chairman - 5.1,   Secretary - 5.2,  Treasurer -  5.3,   Membership Secretary - 5.4,   Social Secretary - 5.5,   Fixtures & Permissions Secretary - 5.6,

  Head Coach - 5.7,   Mapping Co-ordinator - 5.8,   Junior Representative - 5.9 (and the co-option of the postholder to the Committee) ,  

  Committee Member - 5.10.

Other Posts - Agreed the task descriptions and confirmed the appointments as set out in the appendices for the following other posts -

Junior Coach - 6.1,   Assistant Junior Coach - 6.2,   Junior Team Manager - 6.3,   Welfare Officer - 6.4,   Map Archivist - 6.5,   

  Equipment Co-Ordinators - 6.6,   Helpers -6.7.

Training Courses - Agreed the attendance of the appropriate members of the Club at the prescribed courses, the cost thereof to be met from the Development budget.

Development Plan 2010 - Agreed as set out in Appendix 4.7.  Progress to be reviewed at each Committee meeting.

Constitution - Agreed to submit the appropriate amendments to the next Annual General Meeting for consideration and approval.                     

Communication and Publicity - Agreed that copies of the appendices referred to above be put on the website.