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    John Butler

      How can you show other orienteers that you have achieved a certain standard in orienteering? Well, one way is to apply for a YHOA ‘Colour-Coded Award’ when you have completed three orienteering courses of the same colour at a particular standard.  The standard time for each course should be included in the final results.

      A White standard is achieved by anyone who successfully completes the White course.  The standard for all the other courses is calculated using whichever of the following gives the larger number of qualifiers –

      •       the time that is achieved by at least 50% of those who started the course


      •      150% of the winner’s time.

      Pairs can qualify for Colour Coded Awards on the White, Yellow and Orange courses. 

      When you have achieved the standard on three courses of the same colour, you are entitled to receive free of charge the appropriate YHOA fabric badge, which can be sewn onto your O-top to show your improvement, but you have to apply for it by writing to Dorothy Smith, 111A Westgate, Belton, Doncaster, DN9 1PY with the following information –     

      1.   your full name and club (or school, if not a BOF member);

      2.  the colour of badge being claimed; 

      3.  the date, name and venue of the three events on which the award will be based;

      4.  a stamped self-addressed envelope.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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