Another busy day, this time Noddle Hill (August 3rd)

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    Neil Harvatt

      After an extremely busy day on Wednesday in Queens’s Gardens, I was expecting a much more relaxed day on Friday.  However Mary, Ken, John and I were pleasantly surprised.  There were a number of activities, in addition to ours, in the Noddle Hill Playing Fields to celebrate the opening of a new play area, officiated over by The Mayor.  There weren’t as many people as Wednesday, but they came back for more and more.  According to the printer computer we had 227 ‘runs’.  The enthusiasm for Orienteering by the local youngsters was as infectious as it was surprising.

      There were four grid courses plus an Introductory orienteering course within the playing fields. In addition there was a White, Yellow, Orange and technical course in the Noddle Hill Nature Reserve featuring a new map.  The area has a complex path network making it ideal for the shorter less technical courses, but at this time of year the rampant vegetation makes the longer more technical courses almost impossible (and definitely unpleasant in parts). So well done Matt for completing the technical course with the exception of one rogue control.  I look forward to seeing the area in the winter with the vegetation down when I am sure it will present an excellent and technical orienteering challenge.  There are many features including contour, ditches, ponds and thickets and the more easterly areas have few paths.

      For the record the fastest recorded times were as follows:-

      Grid A – Oliver in 10 seconds

      Grid B – Oliver & Drew in 17 seconds

      Grid C – Dylan in 29 seconds

      Grid D – Ellie & Imogen in 32 seconds

      Introductory course – Ellie in 2 minutes and 7 seconds

      There were some good times too on the White, Yellow and Orange courses but the printer computer decided not to save those!

      A big thank-you to everyone who took part – it makes the effort putting on these events all the more worthwhile.

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