Beverley Club Night Report (Monday June 7th 2010)

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    Neil Harvatt

      The weather cleared  to present a better evening than was envisaged during the afternoon downpours.  This was especially fortunate as we have no access to the Gym during examination periods (which will continue for a few more weeks).

      Compass and pacing exercises followed warm up exercises around the school field.

      Then we attempted the circle courses.  These are designed to disorientate you as the only features on the map are the stakes which are set out in circles. (Some clues were left on the map, like the start and finish). The adults had maps without numbers so they couldn’t be used to know which way round the map should be.  The younger competitors did have the advantage of having the control codes and numbers on the front of the map to aid orientation.

      Results are here.

      John Butler may be surprised to see “mp” against his name for map 2, despite him only running map1.  Sorry, John, I used that dibber and couldn’t even complete my own course correctly!  The youngsters did far better than the adults, in fact Maria was the only adult to correctly complete all three courses – Shame on you (us)!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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