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    Peter Harris


      Congratulations to LOG, who were able to field a full strength team in a neighbouring area, and progress to the Final after defeating a plucky HALO team by 31 points.

      Team Results : 1st LOG 1280 points, HALO 1249 and SUFFOC 936

      The HALO individual point scorers were Charlotte Ward (100), Helena Crutchley(100), Sam Offler(100), Mark Tyzka(98), Jeff Slater(98), Dave Offler(98), Brian Ward(98),Paul Van Dam(95), Mary Carrick(94), Peter Harris(94), Mike Smith(92), Helen Smith (92) and Amanda Ward(90).

      Everybody ran up to their or very close to their full potential – not too many mishaps and no mispunches. The 100 point scorers certainly need a special mention as it was certainly physically tough – the HALO tent at the end resembled a scene from M*A*S*H.

      One should mention other Team HALO members who also hopefully enjoyed their experiences on such a pleasant day. The scores were Dorothy Smith(92), Paddy Neligan(90), Pete Shew(88), debutant Brian Hostad(86), John Butler(86), Isoldt Harris(84) and last but not least the Chairman(84).

      Hopefully next year we will be on more local terrain and Neil is able to resume his Captain duties and somebody else can volunteer to be the oldest runner on the Brown Course.

      At least we were first to post results on our website – or were all LOG competitors still celebrating in the Exeter Arms.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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