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    Neil Harvatt

    It is not very often that HALO members have the opportunity to
    compete as a team against other Orienteering clubs (apart from our highly competitive
    matches with LOG).
    The first round of this year’s national team competition will be
    hosted by CLARO on Sunday February 16th.
    The event will be held at Guisecliff, Dacre Banks near to
    Pateley Bridge.
    Entries for Trophy courses will be done by the club.Please let me know your availability ()  and, if running, which course
    you would prefer (please note eligibility in table below – you can run up a
    course and women can run as men – should they wish!!).

    Entries need to be submitted by January 31st . We need at least 13 runners to take part on a variety of courses
    – see second table below.

    Nearer the day, I will attempt to coordinate transport – if you
    are willing to drive, please let me know.

    Please note, you do need to be a current BOF (and HALO) member
    to take part, so ensure you have renewed your membership for the 2014 season
    via the British Orienteering web-site.


    CS Class   CompassSport Course  BOF Age
    Classes          Class Size 

    1  Brown 
    Men Open            

    2  Short Brown     
    M20- M40          

    3  Blue Women     
    Women Open         Large 

    4  Blue Men 

    5  Green Women 
              W20- W45

    6  Green Men       

    7  Veterans Short Green
    M70 W60         Large 

    8A  Junior Men (Green) 
    Men 18- 

    8B  Junior Women (Short Green)  
         Women 18- 

    9A  Orange Men 
              Men 14- 

    9B  Orange Women 
    Women 14-           Small  

    · 13 scores to count

    · maximum of 2 counters from any one ‘Large’
    CompassSport class

    · maximum of 2 counters from each pair of ‘Small’
    CompassSport classes. e.g. two from 8A, none from 8B; one from 8A, one from 8B;
    none from 8A, two from 8B; etc.

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