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    Peter Harris

      A 20 plus HALO team competed at the CST Regional Heat at Canklow in Rotherham on Sunday.

      The 13 points scorers were:

      Flora (100), Yasmin (100), Zac (99), Helena (96),Dean (96), Jake (95), Peter H (95), Neil (94), Harriet (93), Helen (92), Joe (92), Rod (91), Elspeth (90)

      Well done to all especially Course Winners Flora and Yasmin.

      The team results are below. The Trophy competition was competitive and we were not far behind former large club EBOR and last year’s finalist CLARO.

      The Canklow area was relatively physical and this can be exemplified by the following portrait that is going viral on Social Media.

      Well done Mary for protecting your map which somehow remained spotless.

      However the main event was the Tea In the Tent Cake eating. With a theme of YELLOW the HALO bakers produced the following:

      Taken before Mary V’s masterpiece was displayed and consumed.

      Thanks to all competitors and participants and especially the Jolly family for their organisation of  the Tea In The Tent.

      I understand nexy year we could be at Sherwood Pines where we will be probably renew our rivalry with LOG………..



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