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    Brian Ward

      Photos from the Driffield Urban can be found on our Flickr Page at

      Event Photos

      I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed spying on you all, mostly navigating with aplomb, but occasionally not so much!

      Planners Comments

      A lot of work went into producing the map with special thanks to Bill Griffiths for the inital survey and regular updates as supplied by myself during the planning process, as well as to Brian Slater for skillfully manipulated said map into 3 event scales, 1:5,000 / 1:4,000 and 1:2,000

      This was pretty standard Urban fair and dictated how I approached planning the courses. To get the best from the area my goal was to plan medium / long legs between the intersting bits giving maximum fun in the Sprinty sections of the map. There aren’t any particulary classic long route choices to be had and so I attempted to keep the dead running to a minimum, the only exception being on A to D where to get the required length of course, the south west “interesting” bit had to be visited, resulting in a bit of a dead leg in and out of that area.

      The other must was to make use of the town centre with it’s numerous canopies and snickets, again, not as complex as some, but usable, none the less.

      The weather was kind, the organisation, as is usually the case in HALO, was slick and efficient. 

      I’d also like to thank Mrs. Planner (Amanda) for getting up at an unearthly hour to drive me round putting out controls, and helping to gripple some rather large trees(!), also Brian Slater and Paul Simmons who took roughly half the controls for me to position in the early morning.

      Starting and finishing in the park made most sense, and with our virgin organiser, Mr. David Jolly, negotiating helper parking and extra toilet facilities at Wolds Way To Health, I think we had a successful day.

      Many thanks to all who came to help, run, and generally have a fun day out Urban Orienteering.

      Brian Ward, Planner and Photographer 🙂

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